United Nations Certified Fibcs

These bags are designed to handle products that the United Nations considers hazardous material.
The international transport of dangerous goods in Bulk Bags is regulated by a number of international codes based on the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (also known as the Orange Book). This divides bulk containers into 6 categories namely: metal, exible, rigid plastics, composite, breboard and wooden.

There are four types of FIBCs made from woven polypropylene for dangerous goods:

  1. 13 H 1 - Woven plastics without coating and without liner,
  2. 13 H 2 - Woven plastics, coated and without liner,
  3. 13 H 3 - Woven plastics, uncoated and with liner,
  4. 13 H 4 - Woven plastics, coated and with liner.

UN Bags are also classi ed according to the Hazard level of goods they carry. Each UN Bag shall carry the UN-Symbol mentioned in the below table which shall imply the hazard level of the product.


All FIBCs carrying dangerous goods must be accurately labeled with the proper UN markings. For example:

13H3 / Y / 10 18 / TR / SESAN / 12345 / 4000 / 1005

H - United Nations packaging symbol
13H3 - PP woven plastics, uncoated and with liner
Y - Approved for packaging groups II and III
10 18 - Month and year of manufacture
TR  - Country issuing the UN test certi cate
SESAN - Manufacturer
12345 - Manufacturer’s mark or name & approval number issued by the Competent Authority
4000 - Stacking test weight applied in kgs
1005 - Maximum permissible load

Un Certified Symbols